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“I just finished watching it, and found it incredibly beautiful, inspiring and uplifting and will watch it again and again.”
— Olga, Stockholm, Sweden
“We are members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and we have been watching screeners of the films in competition all week, but The Yoga Sutra is more interesting and original than anything else we’ve seen.”
— Anonymous -At the Beverly Hills Premiere
“I have been so curious about this film you have been working on for a while now, and now it’s completed, and I must say, I am blown away by it. So much wisdom and it’s visually stunning!”
— Raffaella - Milan, Italy

yoga was never like this.  

From visionary director Zorie Barber comes a film that will challenge everything you think you know about yoga.  


A desperate trip deep into the heart of yoga. Fired from her dead end office job, Alt yoga girl Friday is on a vision quest. When she breaks down on the Arizona Mexico border, a crusty small town sheriff holds her and finds a strange book in her saddlebags. Thinking the handwritten book must be terrorist code, the sheriff imprisons her in a backwater jail and things quickly go from bad to worse. 



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